MediSpa Services

Custom Skin Rejuvenation~

Treatments Price
Diamond Microdermabrasion $100
Chemical Peel $75
*MicroPeel*  our most popular service $150
Galvanic Current $100
UltraSound $100
Microcurrrent $100
Nanotech Ultra Absorbency Masks~  
Lightening Milk & Hyaluronic Acid $85
Ultra Firming Collagen Face or Neck $85
Ultra Firming Face & Neck Collagen           $150
Soothing Jasmine & Herbs $85
Decadent 24kt Gold & Collagen $85

We have done the research! These treatments are independently rated at a minimum absorbency of 98%! Comprehensive treatments incorporate pampering into all MediSpa Services.

25% off all packages (minimum 4 to 6 treatments) 

Services performed by Master Aesthetician